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WIDI Master has been available since July 2020. One of the key factors of developing the WIDI technology has been you and your fellow musician friends. In this blog you can scroll through a wide variety of use cases and images as gathered from the community. This is what we call crowd creative. It is the next logical step after crowd creation. Let us explain this a tiny bit first and then move on to the fun part. 

First you had the chance to join the crowd creation campaign and validate the wireless MIDI solution as requested by the Bluetooth MIDI community. During this period close to 5,000 units were sold worldwide. Now we are getting close to the end of this crazy year of 2020, you have been part of a successful launch of the first BLE MIDI solution with a central role.

Community of MIDI Enthusiasts

Today, over 10,000 units are used by people like you, worldwide. The community of MIDI enthusiasts is vibrant and sharp like a razor. We love this! Your critical notes allow us to move forward. Together with you we create better products, launch new concepts and improve the performance of WIDI products.

That is why our early customers were asked to send us as many feedback, experiences and images. That is how the crowd creative campaign evolved from the epicenter of the Community of MIDI Enthusiasts. The use cases you will see in this blog derived from the subscribers to our newsletter. If you want to join, you can subscribe to our list by using the button below.

Next, you can have a look at the images that were shared by all those early adopters.

Snowstanze – Canada – Adding Bluetooth MIDI to your synths

This one was delivered to us by Snowstanza from Canada 🇨🇦 

He simply, yet effectively says: ‘Lovin’ WIDI Master’.

If you know which synths you see here, feel welcome to share this in the comments section of this blog.Crowd Creative

Connect your synths wirelessly with WIDI Master

Rob – UK – Adding Wireless MIDI to you master keyboard

This one we received from one of our dedicated Facebook Group members Rob from the UK 🇬🇧

Rob says: ‘I keep telling as many people as I can how great WIDI Master is and I am very much looking forward to WIDI Jack and WIDI UHost.’

Connect your master keyboard wirelessly with WIDI MasterWIDI Master

Wireless MIDI Solutions

Kamyar – Canada – Adding BLE MIDI to sequencers and MIDI controllers

Thanks to Kamyar from Canada 🇨🇦 

Kamyar shared a few great pieces of equipment with you connected via WIDI Master.

As we are finalising the 1-to-4 feature and the user-friendly app soon WIDI technology can take your MIDI setup to another level. It is a feature that is internally named group connectivity. It might be the end of wired daisy chaining and ease up any MIDI connection challenge. As WIDI uses Bluetooth MIDI to connect, you no longer need to worry about cables, jacks and plugs.

That sounds interesting, right? Go here to find out more!bluetooth MIDI sequencer

WIDI Master + ElektronCrowd Creativity WIDI

WIDI Master + NovationAdvanced Wireless MIDI

WIDI Master + Native InstrumentsWireless MIDI

WIDI Master + Master Keyboard

Daniel – France – Akai EWI 5000 + Yamaha VL 70 + DynaSample Xpresso

These images we’re made by Daniel from France 🇫🇷

It shows how you can wirelessly pairs  your Akai EWI with both the DynaSample Xpresso and the Yamaha VL70. That takes your electronic wind instrument to a totally different level.

The fun part is that with WIDI Master you can disconnect the small sub-connector if you do not use it. It is a feature that was requested during the crowd creation period of WIDI Master. Interested? Learn more about that process here!

It is designed with people like Daniel in mind and also very suitable for MIDI guitars and keytars.Wireless MIDI for Electronic Wind Instruments

WIDI Master + Akai EWI + DynaSample Xpressobluetooth MIDI Akai EWI VL 70

WIDI Master + Akai EWI + Yamaha VL70

Steve – UK – iOS Koalatron app + Evolution X-Session

This one is from Steve from the UK 🇬🇧

It shows WIDI Master as part of his iOS Koalatron rig. Via Bluetooth MIDI the Evolution X-Session gives the FX in Koala an extra 16 knobs plus buttons. This is exciting as it shows you how the universal role of WIDI Master seamlessly merges today’s iOS music apps with vintage MIDI devices.

Steve wants to build further by adding his Boss RC-50 foot controller and Novation Remote 25SL with BLE MIDI.iOS + WIDI Master

WIDI Master + Koalatron + Evolution X-SessionWIDI Master + Music Appa

Universal Bluetooth MIDI

Doug – US – AKAI EWI 5000 + Moog MiniMoog Model D iOS

This one was shared by Doug from the US 🇺🇸

It shows his AKAI EWI connected to his iPad Pro running the Moog MiniMoog Model D app.

Yes. You are right! It is the end of MIDI connectivity challenges. Connect all your MIDI devices wirelessly!Wireless MIDI

WIID Master + Akai EWI + Moog MiniMoog Model D iOS

Elu – Germany – Electro-Harmonix (EHX) 95000 + Boss FC50

This on was shared by Elu from Germany 🇩🇪

It connects his Electro-Harmonix 95000 performance loop factory with his Boss FC50 MIDI foot controller!

It shows you once more that the opportunities for guitar related MIDI solutions are endless with WIDI Master. Not only for MIDI guitars, but for a wide variety of guitar FX, pedals and foot controllers that operate with MIDI.Wireless MIDI Guitar Pedals

WIDI Master + Electro Harmonix EHX 95000 + Boss FC-50

David – Thailand – Synthström Deluge

This one was shared by David from Thailand 🇹🇭

It shows the Deluge by Synthström as a master sequencer for his other gear. It allows him to expand his MIDI connectivity to MIDI keyboards, synths and iPad.

It shows you that no matter what MIDI device you own, with WIDI technology you can ease up connectivity and pair all your MIDI devices in a wireless MIDI setup via Bluetooth.Crowd Creativity with Wireless MIDI

WIDI Master + Synthstrom Audible Deluge

Shaun – UK – Behringer Odyssey

This one was shared by Shaun from Lockdown Studios London 🇬🇧

It shows the Behringer Odyssey ARP clone seamlessly integrating into the other synths in the background via Bluetooth MID.

It is yet another example for you that WIDI presents a versatile and universal approach to MIDI and connecting MIDI devices.BLE MIDI

WIDI Master + Behringer Odyssey


First of all a big shout out to all community members who shared their images, videos and other content. It is so nice to receive all those MIDI setups and enjoy the fun of creating music. There is a lot more to share with you from the crowd creativity campaign. Therewith there is already enough material to fill the next blog.

Feel welcome to share your use cases with us. Join our Facebook Group and start contributing. And subscribe to our newsletter to receive all updates and to join the next crowd creation project.

Do you want to learn more about Bluetooth MIDI? It is strongly recommended to read this article on Medium!

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